My research is focused on intergroup relations with a specialization in prejudice reduction. My work addresses shortcomings in theory and practice, namely, a dearth of scientifically evaluated and proven methods of prejudice reduction.

Entertainment Media & NarrativesĀ 

This research is focused on the use of entertainment media and narratives to reduce prejudice and create positive intergroup attitudes. I evaluate different types of media (e.g., sitcoms, music videos) as forms of intervention for reducing prejudice towards social minorities. I also examine the underlying psychological processes that lead to shifts in intergroup attitudes and explore the concrete types of content necessary for reducing prejudice.

Social Norms

This research is focused on the use of social norms messaging to foster positive intergroup relations in academic and work settings. I develop social norms interventions and test their effectiveness in reducing prejudice and improving the climate.

Biases in Medical Research

This research is focused on the detection and reduction of gender biases in medical research.